Qualities Of A Good Business Coach

Qualities Of A Good Business Coach

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Looking for a good business coach? There are many qualities that you should look before hiring one. Look for a business coach that will help make your business of great value. Every entrepreneur needs a coach because it is easier to learn from someone who has succeeded in the same business. The coach will guide through the challenges and how to tackle them.

Qualities to consider in a business coach


ertyujhghgfdfThis is the most important to consider when looking for a business coach. Their advice should be based on theoretical views more than their practical views. Look what he/she has achieved is that what you want to accomplish? Your coach should have something to show proving their success. Find a coach that can explain their real-life experiences to you. From that, you will have a clear picture if that particular person has succeeded or failed. A business coach should be able to give you a clear insight on how to avoid costly mistakes and increase your business success.


A business coach should always be accessible. He/she should be willing to squeeze their program to attend to you and help you solve your problems. But while you are looking for one, you should first inquire and ask how much time they will offer you. Go through their schedule and know when they are available and when can they attend o you.

Honesty and trust worthy

Trustworthy and honesty are crucial in every business, so does the business coach. Be careful since your business coach can be acting in your best interest. You should avoid these kinds of people because they can mess you up especially with your business plans.

Good communicator

A business coach should be a good and clear communicator. As the narrative goes; communication is key, so it should be so in this case. A coach should express their minds clearly without leaving you in uncertainty and great confusion. They should communicate their ideas clearly in a way that you will understand.3456ytrgdfsd

Knowledgeable and up-to-date

A business coach should be knowledgeable and up-to-date. He/she should have a wide knowledge about topics that can influence your business process and success, Should be technologically advanced especially in information appropriate communication. The business coach should be updated in the current world. He/she should be smart enough to detect possible early problems that may need to be solved.…

Diets For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Diets For Healthy Teeth And Gums

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When it comes to the health of your teeth, you want to eat foods that can improve your health. Most of the people don’t realize that dental health is very important. Our teeth and gums may be small, but they require proper hygiene and nutrition to keep them healthy. You need to have a clear picture on the level of damage that poor dieting can do to our teeth and gums. It is important to note that maintaining an oral hygiene keeps your gums and teeth strong and healthy. Below are some diets for healthy teeth and gums;567uyit

1. Foods rich in calcium and phosphorous

Calcium and phosphorous plays a big role in keeping strong and healthy gums and teeth. You might be wondering what foods contain calcium and phosphorous, well here are some of those foods; Sources of calcium-yogurt, sea food, milk, cheese and almonds. On the other hand, Sources of phosphorous –pumpkin, red meat, eggs, pumpkin seeds and nuts. The nutrients from calcium and phosphorous helps the teeth and the gums to be strong and healthy.

2. Vitamin C and D

Take foods that are rich in vitamin C and D. We all know that vitamin D is crucial for our overall health in our bodies, while vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and reduces risk of inflammation. Vitamin D helps your body to take up calcium better. One can achieve vitamin D from fish, egg yolks, cod liver and sunlight. Vitamin C on the other hand, produces collagen, a protein that fight periodontal diseases. Lack of vitamin C causes the gums to become sensitive becoming vulnerable to bacteria. One can acquire vitamin C from oranges, kiwi, strawberries and kale.

3. Antioxidants

456ytughfdFoods rich in antioxidants help to keep your mouth healthy. The benefit of antioxidant is it fights bacteria that cause inflammation and diseases. The antioxidants protect the gums and other body tissues from damage and bacterial infection. The foods rich in antioxidants include; apples, berries, grapes and beans. It is important for you to take foods rich in antioxidants to improve the health of your gums and teeth and protect them from damage.

4. Foods high in water

Take foods that are firm, crunchy and high in water. Chewing produces more saliva which neutralizes bacteria’s that cause tooth cavities and decay. Foods that are firm and high in water especially fruits and vegetables clean and scrub your teeth gently on the surfaces of your mouth.